Friday, 5 October 2018

USO Case Report:
“Report # 243

(Water UFO (, Claymont, Delaware)

The whole USO case report:
“Here’s the kind of mystery that has turned up several times in recent years. The report just reached us although the incident occurred Tuesday, November 14, 1961.

Australian and New Zealand warships were conducting Navy exercises off Sydney Heads when they detected and pursued a large underwater object that interrupted the maneuvers.

There was no visual sighting of the object, but Senator Gorton, the Minister for the Navy, said it could have been an ocean-going submarine. If so, ‘the speed and ease with which the mystery craft eluded the fleet suggests it was nuclear-powered,’ the Sydney Sun stated.

But suppose it wasn't a nuclear-powered submarine? All the Navy would say officially is that it was an ‘unidentified object.’ Contact was soon lost. Neither U.S. nor British submarines were in the area at the time.    

Reference for the above text is: Fate magazine, October 1962, p. 10”         

Wikipedia article: “Sydney Heads”:

View of Sydney from North Head. (text by Wikipedia)
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