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UFO News Article:

29 September 1966
(The Commercial Record, Saugatuck, Michigan)


The whole article (Front Page/Page 3):
“Three unidentified flying objects were sighted here at approximately 9:15 PM Sunday (25 September 1966) evening by Raymond Croasdale, Dr. William Schock and Saugatuck Police Chief Al Wood.

The original sighting was made by Raymond Croasdale of 700 Manchester Drive when he stepped outside his house for a breath of air. He witnessed two objects – one to the Northwest over the Lake – the second was to the northeast over land. Croasdale’s first reaction to the sighting was to call his neighbor, Dr. William Schock, who summoned Saugatuck Police Chief Al Wood to verify the sighting. Croasdale, who watched the objects through 6x30 binoculars (Wood watched with his 10x50’s) said both objects had very vivid red and green lights that seemed to revolve. Both objects changed direction and altitude at extremely high rates of speed, but confined their movements to the general area. Croasdale said he guessed the objects would have been about 10 - 20 miles away.

After they had been watching the lights for about 30 minutes, Croasdale said a third very bright light suddenly seemed to fly away from the object that was over land. Croasdale said it was almost as though the red and green light had launched the bright light. The bright light then took up a south-southeasterly direction and came almost directly over Croasdale’s home at what he estimated to be about 8000 feet altitude. Croasdale guessed the speed to be 2000 mph or more. The light emitted no noise and as it passed overhead, Croasdale said that he could see that it was about the size of a 707 jet. One light burned in front of the indefinable shape and it seemed to have a pulsating ring of lights in the rear. Croasdale said the speed also seemed to pulsate in relation to the light. He said it seemed to emit a pink halo exhaust after each pulsation.

Croasdale said the visibility was perfect and that he has been around a number of airplanes. These objects, he said, behaved in a manner completely different from any thing he’s ever witnessed. ‘One thing is for sure,’ Croasdale said. ‘We weren’t seeing things.’ ”

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