Tuesday, 10 July 2018

UFO Paper:
“NCP-05: UFOs Continue to
Visit Nuclear Energy Sites”

By George D. Fawcett

Quote from the paper:
“Looking back over the years during the 40th anniversary of UFOs in modern times (JUNE 24,1987) it is interesting to note that UFOs have been seen and recorded near various atomic energy locations in this country and overseas. This link was first noticed by Captain Edward Ruppelt in 1952 and reported in a LOOK magazine article (JUNE 24,1952) titled ‘Hunt For The Flying Saucer.’ Captain Ruppelt, who directed the U.S. Air Force Project Blue Book at that time, when viewing a folder of 63 mystifying UFO reports that had been plotted on a map of the United States discovered that it showed ‘an ominous correlation’ with the location of various atomic energy installations. LOOK magazine learned that some high ranking officers had taken note of this fact and had then held a Pentagon conference to discuss these numerous strange concentrations that have continued to this day.

Such incidents at the Savannah River, Hanford, Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, McGuire , Cherokee and Indian Point nuclear and atomic plants are of continued vital interest and concern to scientific, military, civilian and governmental observers everywhere.

These UFO encounters raise such serious questions as: Are UFOs monitoring our atomic and nuclear energy sites and if so, why? Why has the AEC (Atomic Energy Commission) (now NRC) had representatives on most of all the major government UFO investigative projects? Why do guards at some AEC installations report their UFO encounters directly to the AEC?”

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“Y-12” Area at Oak RidgeTennessee
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