Sunday, 13 May 2018

UFO Article:
“Has the British Ministry of Defence Released All of Its UFO Files? - Robert Hastings says ‘No!’ and Nick Pope Agrees”

By Robert L. Hastings, 10 May 2018
(The UFO Chronicles, 12 May 2018)

Quote from the article:
“A new BBC online article, dated June 20, 2013 and titled ‘UFO sightings: Files explain why MoD closed down special desk,’ discusses what I consider to be a calculated decision by the British government to feign a lack of interest in the UFO phenomenon, even as public sighting reports in the UK reached a very high level. At the conclusion of this article, former MoD UFO specialist Nick Pope comments, agreeing with my assessment.”

Wikipedia article: “Ministry of Defence (United Kingdom)”:

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The badge of the UK Ministry of Defence Combined Services
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UK Ministry of Defence Headquarters, Whitehall, London, UK
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