Tuesday, 3 April 2018

UFO Newsletter Article:
“Security police investigates ‘cigar’ sighting”

By Clas Svahn
AFU Newsletter, No. 37, January 1992 - December 1993
(Archives for UFO Research, Norrköping, Sweden)

Source: Archives For the Unexplained, Norrköping, Sweden

The article (Page 4) reports on the 25 August 1991 Håknäs, Sweden, UFO incident (occurred shortly after 7:00 p.m.) (involving several witnesses).

The Swedish Security Service (Säpo) was ordered by the Swedish military to investigate the case.

Håknäs is located 40 kilometres south of Umeå, Northern Sweden.

Wikipedia article: “Swedish Security Service”:

The Coat of Arms of the Swedish Security Service (Säpo)
(wikimedia.org image)