Friday, 20 April 2018

UFO Case Report:
“Subject: Early Airship in Vincennes Sky,
April 16, 1897”

24 June 2007
( presents a The Valley Advance (Vincennes, Indiana) news article (dated 18 March 1980).

Quote from the article:
“Unidentified flying objects are nothing new for the people of Vincennes. In 1897 a mysterious airship passed over the city twice on the night of Friday, April 16. According to the Vincennes Morning Commercial, the airship first appeared about nine o’clock, traveling along the extreme eastern portion of the horizon: A sphere of golden light was first seen in the vicinity of the Union Depot, from down in the city. Those near the ship claimed they could clearly see the dark lines of its car, although no passengers were observed.

From his doorway, where he had gone to look at his thermometer, Col. Ewing saw the light, which he at first thought was a falling star, but as it moved so slowly, soon became convinced that it was the inevitable airship. Ewing watched it for about four minutes.

Anton Simon noticed a ball of fire, moving in a north-westerly to southeasterly course, which he later realized was an airship.”

Col. Ewing and Anton Simon’s airship witness reports are similar to contemporary UFO witness reports.

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