Saturday, 8 April 2017

U.S. Government UFO Document:

14 August 1952
(Central Intelligence Agency, Washington, D.C.)

Quote from the document:
    “During the past weeks, with the phenomenal increase in the number of Flying Saucer reports (my emphasis) there has been a tremendous stimulation of both public and official interest in the subject.  Requests for information have poured into the Air Force, including an official inquiry from the White House.  Finally on July 29, General Samford held a press conference in which he stated, that analysis showed ‘no pattern of anything remotely consistent with any menace to the United States;’ that recent Washington sightings were possibly due to ‘temperature inversions,’ others to ionized clouds, ice formations, etc.; that instrumentation would be emphasized henceforth in the Air Force Study.  He emphatically stated that the unexplained sightings could not have resulted from any experiments or tests conducted by the United States.
     At this point, OSI felt that it would be timely to make an evaluation of the Air Force Study, its methodology and coverage, the relation of its conclusions to various theories which have been propounded, and to try to reach some conclusion as to the intelligence implications of the problem (my emphasis) – if any.  In view of the wide interest within the Agency (my emphasis), this briefing has been arranged so that we could report on the survey.  It must be mentioned that the outside knowledge of Agency interest in Flying Saucers carries the risk of making the problem more serious in the public mind that it already is, which we and the Air Force agree must be avoided (my emphasis).
     In order to supply both breadth and depth to the survey we have reviewed our own intelligence, going back to the Swedish sightings of 1946; reviewed a large number of individual official reports, recent press and magazine coverage and the main popular books.  Indexes of the Soviet press were scanned.  We interviewed a representative of the Air Force Special Studies Group.  Following this, we spent a day at Wright Field in a thorough discussion with the officers conducting the ATIC study, and finally we took the problem to a selected group of our own consultants, all leaders in their scientific fields.
     From all this, we have come up with facts, theories, explanations and some conclusions, which we will cover in a brief summary of Flying Saucers history, an analysis of the ATIC work, and a discussion of the explained sightings and of possible theories regarding the unexplained (my emphasis).  We make no recommendations of action.  We would ask that questions be held until the end.”

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