Sunday, 9 April 2017

UFO Video Interview:
“UFO Moving at Incredible Speed Tracked
By Radar | New Rendlesham Case Video”

Source: Robert Hastings (YouTube channel)

Video text:
“ ‘The two U.S. Air Force air traffic controllers who were working in the RAF Bentwaters base tower in late December 1980—during the series of incidents collectively known as the Rendlesham Forest UFO Case—have finally discussed their long-held secret on camera.’

‘The now-retired controllers say they tracked a bona fide UFO that covered 120 miles in eight seconds, or two sweeps of their radar beam! If that were not stunning enough, (Jim) Carey says the object also made an instantaneous right-angle turn as it left the vicinity. For his part, (Ike) Barker says he actually saw the amazing interloper as it briefly hovered near the air traffic control tower, describing it as an orange sphere with a series of portholes positioned around its center.’ ”

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