Friday, 21 April 2017

UFO Article/U.S. Air Force Base Presentation:
“Subject: Carswell AFB, Texas,
UFO/Nuclear Connection”

By Daniel Wilson, 8 September 2005


Text by Daniel Wilson:
“There is a possible nuclear connection with sightings in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, area due to the proximity to Carswell AFB, a SAC Base, flying B-29, B-50, and B-36 bombers, whose mission was to wage nuclear war on the USSR.  Carswell AFB is approximately 120 miles north of Fort Hood/Killeen Base area and there may have been many nuclear weapon transfers between the two locations. Also, Texas had probably the most Air Force Bases of any state (around 22 bases in the 1940-1950 range).”

Wikipedia article: “Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth”:

Oblique photo of Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base 
(text by Wikipedia) ( ( photo)