Sunday, 24 July 2016

UFO News Article:
“Australians agog over UFO”

24 October 1978
(Daily Record, Ellensburg, Washington)

The article reports on the 21 October 1978 Frederick Valentich incident.

Quote from the article:
“Wayne Bellew, a technician from Canberrra, and his wife, Rosalind, said they saw a bright white object moving over the ocean.

‘The weather was clear,’ Bellew said. ‘We’d just put up our tent when the thing appeared. It was completely distinguishable from the planes en route to Sydney.’

‘We intended to report the UFO anyway – but when we saw the stories on Monday morning about the pilot, we wondered if it could have been the same object,’ he said.

Valentich, flying at an altitude of 4,500 feet, reported he was being followed by a large craft with four bright lights. He told air controllers the object was about 1,000 feet above him and had ‘a green light and sort of metallic light on the outside.’

Transport Department spokesman Kenneth Williams said a few minutes later the pilot reported his engine was choking and rough-idling, and the object was hovering above him.

There was then a long metallic noise over the radio and contact with the aircraft was lost.

Officials said they have been unable to identify the metallic noise heard over the radio as the aircraft lost contact. They said the noise lasted ‘for a long time – at least a number of seconds.’

Radio experts said it was not a noise that could be explained by the dropping of a microphone – the original theory.”

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