Thursday, 14 April 2016

UFO News Article:
“Flying Triangles Latest Curiosity”

19 July 1950
(The Bend Bulletin, Oregon)

Quote from the article:
“Two Seattle men said today they saw two ‘flying triangles’ from an airplane over north central California – and they have a photograph to back up their claim.

J. K. Rockman and A. L. Meakin, flying service operator, said they spotted the triangular ‘flying saucers’ July 10 (1950) while they were in a two-seated Luscombe airplane returning to Seattle from a business trip in Texas.

Their photograph showed two small, white objects soaring over a barren, sagebrush dotted prairie. Army intelligence officers at Fort Lawton here were studying the photographs. The air force has denied knowledge of any type of so-called flying saucer.”,5734945

Map of California (
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