Sunday, 3 April 2016

UFO Article (Blog):
“Coral In The Desert: Searching for Socorro.”

By Dr. Michael D. Swords, 29 June 2010
(The Big Study)

Quote from the article:
“Many people know that Coral and Jim Lorenzen had long UFO research careers working out of Tucson, Arizona, and a few know that they began their ‘hobby’ in Wisconsin. Only those interested in UFO history realize that much of their important work occurred while they were working in government jobs in the Alamagordo/HollomanAFB area of New Mexico. They were the primary UFOlogical source for information for the James Stokes affair, just after Levelland, and had many contacts, even in the military, in what was a particularly UFO-friendly environment. The famous [and controversial] UFO photograph to the left [usually written off by conservatives as a noctilucent cloud or some similar weather phenomenon] was a Holloman area case looked into by Coral who felt that the woman’s testimony about the thing’s fast speed was honest, and so trusted the photo. [My memory is dull on this point, but what softly rings it in is that Coral knew the witness---if so, then maybe one should keep this photo in the graybasket rather than the trashbasket.] The real point is that Coral knew many people in the Socorro neighborhood including some with military connections.

Has Coral strengthened the case for Socorro? Well, you could read it that way. She is also reminding us that lots of stuff gets tested in and around Holloman.”

Jim and Coral Lorenzen
( photo)