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UFO news article:
“Disk Reports Keep Defense Center Busy”

2 August 1952
(Spokane Daily Chronicle, Washington)

The article reports on the UFO investigation work of the Air Defense Command (headquartered at Ent Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, Colorado):

Wikipedia article: “Aerospace Defense Command”:

Quote from the Wikipedia article:
“Aerospace Defense Command was a major command of the United States Air Forces, responsible for continental air defence. It was activated in 1968 and disbanded in 1980. Its predecessor, Air Defense Command, was established in 1946, briefly inactivated in 1950, reactivated in 1951, and then redesignated Aerospace rather than Air in 1968. Its mission was to provide air defense of the Continental United States (CONUS). It directly controlled all active measures, and was tasked to coordinate all passive means of air defense.”

Wikipedia article: “Ent Air Force Base”:

The logo of Air Defense Command (ADC)
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Air Defense Command map (1966) shows the ADC’s Air Divisions
( ( image)