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UFO article:
“The ‘Harvest’ Continues – ANIMAL MUTILATION UPDATE”
By Linda Moulton Howe
(UFO Magazine (U.S.A.), Vol. 5, No. 4)


Quote from the article:
“After An Alien Harvest was released in June of 1989, I received a letter from a security guard in Denver, Colorado. He described a night in August when he was patrolling the grounds of a large corporation west of the city. From his truck, he could see a large circle of lights in the dark sky. The lights remained stationary over a pasture a few hundred feet from the security guard. He was afraid to report the unidentified flying objects, because UFOs meant ridicule and he didn’t want to lose his job. But he felt guilty about not reporting it, because the next morning he watched a farmer gather up a couple of dead and mutilated cows from the pasture where the lights had hovered overhead. He asked me, ‘What kind of technology are we talking about? I never took my eyes off those lights. There was no beam, no sound, nothing. How did they do it?’ ”

Satellite photo of Denver, Colorado (
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