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(“U.S. Government” UFO)

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(“National Archives” UFO)

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(Flying Saucer Cover-up)

(“UFO Cover-up”)

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While Gerald R. Ford (38th President of the United States) was a Representative for Michigan and U.S. House of Representatives Republican Minority Leader he sent a letter (dated 28 March 1966) to the chairman and the ranking Republican members of both the House Armed Services Committee and House Science and Astronautics Committee, urging that one committee or the other investigate the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects. And the House Armed Services Committee (89th Congress, 2nd Session) held a Congressional Hearing on UFOs on 5 April 1966 as a result of Gerald R. Ford’s efforts.

Gerald R. Ford had become involved in the UFO issue because many residents in Michigan had sighted UFOs during the first months of 1966.

Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr.,
38th President of the United States (Republican)