Monday, 28 December 2015

UFO News Article:
“UFO’s: New sightings raise more questions”

18 October 1976
(St. Petersburg Times, Florida)

Quote from the article:
“Shaped like two enormous upside-down soup bowls, the objects hovered in the sky just over a dip in the Ramapo mountain range.

(Warren) BERBIT (Suffern lawyer), ALONG with policemen, businessmen, school teachers, housewives and others, say they have seen strange objects recently in the skies over Rockland and Putnam Counties.

Several UFOs have been reported over Stony Point, just across the Hudson River from the Indian Point nuclear reactors. Others have been spotted over plants in Tomkins Cove and Haverstraw.

(Dan) Cetrone, publisher of The Rockland County Almanac, lives in a white house at the top of Buckberg Mountain Road. His terrace commands a view of the Hudson, and both he and his wife, Barbara, say they have observed several cylindrical flying objects with red, green and white flashing lights, which hover a while, then turn sharply and disappear.

THE UFO’S, Cetrone theorized, are probably drawn to the area by the nuclear plants. They are part of a cycle of UFO appearances that peaks every 61 months, he said.

Reports of possible sightings in the county reached a peak of about 100 during a three-week period around the end of August. Since the Air Force discontinued collecting information about UFO sightings in 1969, most residents make their reports to the local police.

OF THE NINE UFO sightings in Stony Point attested to by police officers, (Bill) Patrick said he had been on the scene of five. Each object, he said, ‘first appeared to be a star, but when I looked through a telescope, I could see red or green lights rotating.’ They were observed by seven other Stony Point police officers, he added, who ‘all described exactly the same things.’ ”,2549101

Satellite photo of Suffern, New York (
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