Friday, 14 August 2015

UFO Lecture:
“MUFON Symposium – Denver 2006:
CARL FEINDT – Physical Influences
of a UFO on Water”

(Mutual UFO Network (Newport Beach, California– YouTube)

Video text by MUFON:
“UFOs have demonstrated physical effects on bodies of water. This paper proposes a possible explanation for the observed interaction between unidentified flying objects and water. Wrested from seemingly divergent eyewitness accounts, it posits that the reaction of the water around an emerging craft implies the existence of a displacement field, one that exhibits electromagnetic tendencies. What at first seems like a series of unrelated accounts is shown to illustrate consistent behavior when the distance between the object and the body of water is considered.”

The 2006 MUFON International UFO Symposium was held at the Marriott Denver (Colorado) Tech Center on 14-16 July.

Carl W. Feindt, U.S. UFO Researcher
( photo)