Sunday, 1 December 2013

UFO News Article:
“Skeptic Spots ‘Flying Saucer,’
They’re Real Thing, He Admits”

18 March 1950 (The Windsor Daily Star, Canada)

Hubert Ward and his wife sighted a cylindrical shaped UFO over the woods of Digby Island (at about 600 feet altitude), across the harbour of Prince Rupert (British Columbia, Canada), on 17 March 1950, according to The Windsor Daily Star:

Quote from the article:
“ ‘It appeared to be of some sort of fabric of a silvery translucent nature,’ said Hubert Ward, a marine surveyor.

When it disappeared from sight, the ‘saucer,’ flying at about 3,000 feet, headed north.”

Satellite photo of Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada 
( photo)