Monday, 18 November 2013

UFO News Article:
“HAFB Checking –
‘Flying Saucer’ Observed Over Valley”

3 October 1961 
(Deseret News/Salt Lake Telegram, Salt Lake City, Utah)

Waldo J. Harris, a civilian pilot, and seven other persons witnesses sighted a disk shaped UFO over the Utah Central Airport, Granger, Utah (now known as West Valley City), a suburb of Salt Lake City, on 2 October 1961, according to the article:

Quote from the article:
“Air Force officials Tuesday were investigating reports by at least eight observers, including a veteran pilot, that a ‘flying saucer’ was seen hovering over the southern Salt Lake Valley Monday.

Investigation teams from Hill Air Force Base Monday questioned the observers, including pilot Waldo J. Harris, 531 Garfield Ave. (1831 South), who was the first to sight the unidentified object.

Mr. Harris was preparing to take off on a routine flight Monday shortly before noon from Utah Central Airport, 3200 W. 2100 South, when he saw the object south of the field.

Harris said he was about five miles from the disc when he first sighted it and attempted to close in on the object.

‘When I got about three miles from the object, it suddenly moved upward like an elevator and began to move south.’

The object had no visible portholes or exhaust smoke.

It was flying at about 6,500 to 7,000 feet, Mr. Harris told HAFB security officers.”

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