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UFO Journal Issue:

No. 21, August 1969
(Midwest UFO Network, Stover, Missouri)

The issue contains the news article, “Silver Disc Seen in Michigan.”

The whole article:
“A state trooper from the Jonesville Post and a motorist driving along US-12 reported sighting an unidentified object in the sky heading northwest and photographed it Tuesday (July 2nd) (1969) at 2:05 p.m.

The driver, Ray Ostarmyer, of 9603 Bay Cuel Road, Erie, spotted the object, described as a silver disc, while driving west toward Moscow, and stopped along the highway.

Trooper D. J. Fenton on his way to the post, stopped to question Ostarmyer. Both Fenton and Ostarmyer took pictures of the mysterious object and reports from the police photographic laboratory in East Lansing are pending.

‘The object appeared to be semi-round. At times it appeared to be elongated, like a blimp, and other tines it appeared to be round,’ Trooper Fenton said. He estimated the elevation to be 1,500 feet. ‘It was stationary for a period, and then took off,’ Fenton reported.

Clinton C. Williams Jr, APRO investigator, is following the developments, and he has found there are numerous sightings in Hillsdale County during the summer months.

Source: ‘Hillsdale Daily News’ (Michigan) 7/3/69; credit– –Lou Farish.”

Wikipedia article: “Hillsdale County, Michigan”:,_Michigan

Hillsdale County’s location in Michigan
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