Thursday, 12 September 2013

UFO Journal Issue:

No. 52, March 1972
(Midwest UFO Network, Stover, Missouri)

The issue contains an article (“UFOs in New Mexico”) which reports on two January 1972 New Mexico UFO incidents:

Quote from the article:
“Jeff Galyen, editor of ‘Midwest UFO Report’ writes: ‘From TV reports and talks with the FAA at Farmington Tower in New Mexico, investigator James Deck learned that a luminous UFO was sighted at Albuquerque at night on January 13. One week earlier a couple flying their Cessna from Silver City to Albuquerque were followed by ‘two large luminous UFOs.’ These two were reported on TV. 

“Albuquerque, New Mexico” (

Map of Bernalillo County, New Mexico, highlighting Albuquerque
( image)