Saturday, 25 May 2013

UFO Case Report: 
by Dr. James E. McDonald,
Volume 16, No. 2, 1970
(Flying Saucer Review, London, UK)

The UFO incident extended from about 21:30Z, 13 August to 3:30Z, 14 August 1956, James E. McDonald reports:

Quote from the article:
“The event occurred in east-central England, chiefly in Suffolk.

The initial reports centred around Bentwaters RAF Station, located about six miles east of Ipswich, near the coast, while much of the subsequent action centres around Lakenheath RAF Station, located some 20 miles northeast of Cambridge. Sculthorpe RAF Station also figures in the account, but only to a minor extent; it is near Fakenham, in the vicinity of The Wash.”

Wikipedia article: “RAF Lakenheath”:

The RAF Lakenheath airfield, UK
( photo)