Saturday, 13 April 2013

UFO News Article:
“The Strange Case of Dulces Mutilated Animals |
UFO CHRONICLE – 1-17-1982”,
17 January 1982 (Farmington Daily Times, New Mexico)
(The UFO Chronicles, 13 April 2013)

This is an article on the animal mutilation investigative work of New Mexico state police officer Gabe Valdez:

There exist a connection between animal mutilations and UFO incidents, according to some Dulce residents.

People told Valdez that on numerous occasions mutilated animals were found (in the morning) after bright orange lights had been sighted over the area the night before.

Gabe Valdez had also sighted the orange, unknown objects.

Dulce, New Mexico” (

Map of Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, highlighting Dulce
( image)