Tuesday, 23 April 2013

UFO News Article:
Moline Patrolman’s UFO Film Spurs Air Force 
Investigation | UFO CHRONICLE | 3-11-1967”,
21 April 2013 (The UFO Chronicles)

The Times-Democrat article is called “Air Force Officers See Q-C UFO Film”:

The UFO was filmed by Patrolman Bill Fisher on 9 March 1967.

Quote from the article:
“During the ‘private’ screening of the film, one of the officers exclaimed ‘that’s it,’ when a white object on film turned direction. The film shows an object with an elongated shape. The film also shows the color of the object changing from white to a deep pink at one point.

The Air Force officers asked Fisher to relinquish the film. Their request was denied, but Fisher later said he would permit the Air Force to recopy the film as long as he could ‘be in the laboratory when it is done.’ ”

Moline, Illinois” (City-Data.com):


Map of Rock Island County, Illinois, highlighting Moline 
(wikimedia.org image)