Tuesday, 18 December 2012

UFO Report (Summary):
“Audit du SEPRA – Synthèse du rapport final”
(“SEPRA Audit – Summary of the final report”)
(Original report dated 30 November 2001,
Summary published in December 2012)
(GEIPAN, Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales,
Toulouse, France)

SEPRA (UAP (UFO) research and information group within CNES, the French space agency) existed from 1988-2004:

In 1992, a Belgian member of the European Parliament (Mr. di Rupo) presented a draft resolution (B3-1990/90) that proposed the creation of a “European UFO Observation Centre,” the report informs.

English translation:

“Le rapport d'audit du SEPRA 2001 : 
le document fondateur du GEIPAN”
(“The 2001 SEPRA audit report: 
the founding document of GEIPAN”), 6 November 2012:

English translation:

Wikipedia article: “GEIPAN”:


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