Sunday, 2 December 2012

UFO News Article:
“UFO sighting gets backing”, 30 December 1986
(The Daily Record, Ellensburg, Washington)

This is an article on the Federal Aviation Administration’s investigation into the 17 November 1986 (at 5:11 p.m.) Japan Airlines (JAL) B-747 cargo UFO incident over North East Alaska:

Quote from the article:
“In his one-page report, the (FAA) controller stated repeatedly that he saw another object on radar staying near the JAL jet despite FAA-approved turns and altitude changes.”

John Callahan, Former FAA Division Chief of the Office of Accident, Investigation and Prevention 
( image)

Captain Kenju (or Kenji) Terauchi, Japan Airlines,
with a drawing of one of the 3 UFOs
( photo)