Sunday, 23 December 2012

UFO News Article: 
“UFO is spotted in Cleveland area”,
12 November 1975 (The Bryan Times, Ohio)

Madison Township Patrolman Zachary Space, a Madison Village police officer and three civilians sighted two triangular clusters of red and green lights on the early morning of 11 November 1975, The Bryan Times reports:

Quote from the article:
“Space said, ‘there are high-tension wires going through town and one hovered over the towers, about treetop level. That’s when it glowed white. Then it started to rise and glowed red and green and it went up like a flash – whoosh! – like somebody blew a match out.’

‘The five of us saw it rise up, disappear, then come back again. It came back like Wheet (a whistle). We couldn’t decide whether it was the same one or another one. Then we heard more radio traffic. A Lake County sheriff’s deputy saw something.’

‘I have a telescope in my unit. It’s not very powerful, but I got it out and looked at it. That’s when I got the triangular effect.’

‘The village police car has an aircraft landing light as a spotlight and we shined it at the thing. It would come closer. I was not too crazy about being that close to it – maybe within a quarter mile, it was hard to tell. We couldn’t determine the size, just that it would have to be awfully large.’ ”

Madison township, Lake County, Ohio (OH)” (

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Satellite photo of Cleveland, Ohio (
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