Sunday, 25 November 2012

Scientific Journal UFO Letter:
“Do Your Homework Before Entering UFO Fray”
by Peter A. Sturrock, Stanford, California,
November 2002 (Volume 11, Number 11)
(APS NEWS, The American Physical Society, 
College Park, Maryland)

Peter A. Sturrock responds to Lawrence M. Krauss’ UFO article (August/September 2002) and presents six recommendations to physicists invited to take part in a discussion about the UFO phenomenon: (Page 4)

The letter (“Origin of Life a Complex Question”) by Richard Jones (University of Connecticut), David Keller (University of New Mexico), Phil Skell (Pennsylvania State University), Fred Skiff (University of Iowa) and David Snoke (University of Pittsburgh) also discusses Krauss’ article.

Peter Andrew Sturrock (British citizen),
Professor Emeritus of applied physics
at Stanford University, California &
UFO Researcher