Thursday, 13 September 2012

UFO News Article:
“Sightings of UFOs in Ohio”, 

12 October 1973
(Lodi News-Sentinel, California)

The Lodi News-Sentinel reports on a UFO flap (at least 16 UFO sightings) that occurred in South-Western Ohio on the night of 10/11 October 1973:,3539723

Quote from the article:
“Patrolman Robert Bales of nearby New Lebanon, said he saw as a set of about four bright lights fused together at the base. He said the object moved across the skyline, came down to treetop level then disappeared. The object was visible for some 30 minutes to about 25 residents gathered on a city street, Bales said, and he snapped a picture of it.”

“New Lebanon, Ohio” (

Satellite photo of New Lebanon, Ohio (
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