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UFO Report:
“1954 UFO Chronology and the Great Wave of 1954”


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Created January 29, 2006; updated 21 April 2016
This is a 19-page report on an on-going project involving a number of people. With the help of Rebecca Wise (Project Blue Book Archive), and Dan Wilson (digging out the cases from my checklist), the task becomes much easier. But without Brad Sparks updated list, the Comprehensive Catalog of Project Blue Book Unknowns, the entire project would have been impossible. And our thanks also go to Jean Waskiewicz who created the online NICAP DBase (NSID) that helped make it possible to link from the cases to the reports themselves.

This was the year of the Walesville crash, the BOAC case, the Sea Fury incident, and the famous Bermuda radar case, and many others. A significant number of unusual sightings occurred in Europe during what has become known as the Great Wave of 1954.’ Much of this wave has already been documented in UFO literature, but what was not known until the release of the CIA files is the fact that the CIA collected many of the sightings through normal intelligence channels, something which they had supposedly fought to block with the Robertson Panel inquiry. (Clear Intent, 132) Examples of reports excerpted from official CIA information sheets are provided below in their chronological sequence. The CIA reports are mostly translated press clippings, newspaper and dates should have been included but were not available.

What may not be known is that the Anomalies Foundation: The Year 1954 in Photos (fotocat report #1) lists and documents 101 photographs in its 23-page report for that year alone. And just added to this chrono is The World-Wide Wave of 1954 by Don Johnson.

Francis Ridge

NICAP Site Coordinator”

Actual radar scope photo, near Bermuda
(see July 3, 1954; Near Bermuda (BBU))
( photo)