Saturday, 20 November 2010

News Article:
“The Outlaw Trail – Part IV:
Fastest Gun Was Only Law in

Utah’s Isolated Brown’s Park”,
31 January 1979 (Youngstown Vindicator, Ohio)

This is a non-UFO/cattle mutilation article, but the article mentions that cattle mutilations and UFO incidents have occurred many times in Brown’s Park, North-Eastern Utah:,5315521&dq=cattle+mutilation+ufo+sighting&hl=en

Quote from the article:
“Cattle mutilation came up again. Bill said it had been on the rise in Utah and there were no explanations for it. Bob told us many people thought it was UFOs and that the UFO phenomenon was not rare out on the range. Many sightings had been reported by ranchers in the Wyoming-Utah area …”

Brown’s Park, Utah ( photo)