Wednesday, 15 September 2010

UFO TV Series:
“Encontros Imediatos - Ep. 13:

Dossier Castelo de Bode”
(“Close Encounters - Episode 13:

The Castelo de Bode File”), 6 July 2008 (RTP 2)

Portuguese Air Force pilot Jose Francisco Rodrigues encountered a UFO during a flight training mission near Castelo de Bode Dam on 17 June 1977, at around noon, RTP reports: (1) (2) (3)

The UFO was black, semi-spherical shaped, 13 to 15 metres in diameter and had several windows that emitted a light yellowish light.

Suddenly the UFO flew away, causing great instability in the airplane. Rodrigues had to execute a difficult manoeuvre to gain control of his Dornier 27 airplane. And some of the instruments in the airplane were affected by the presence of the UFO.

Jose Francisco Rodrigues

Aerial view of Castelo de Bode Dam, Portugal
( photo)