Tuesday, 28 September 2010

UFO News Article:
“Namdals-UFO’en filma”
(“The Namdalen UFO filmed”),
23 January 2001 (NRK, Oslo, Norway)

An anonymous woman from the Namdalen district (Namsos is the centre of trade for the Namdalen district) in Norway recorded two night-time UFO footage in November/December 2000, NRK reports:


English translation:


The first UFO was filmed in late November and the second UFO in mid December 2000.

The UFOs were almost as large as a full moon, according to the woman.

NRK also presented one of these UFO videos (the mid December 2000 video) in a UFO TV programme shortly after the UFO sightings.

The UFO witness told Arnulf Løken, UFO-Norge (Norway) regional leader and investigator, an interesting fact about the UFO observation: At one point the UFO turned off the light while a car drove past it.

The UFO video that was presented by NRK showed that when the UFO left the area, it accelerated towards the sea at an incredible speed. The UFO got smaller and smaller as it flew towards the west.

There were a lot of UFO observations in the Møre og Romsdal, 
Sør-Trøndelag and Nord-Trøndelag Counties during the 
1 December 2000-31 January 2001 time span. A few UFO 
observations were also made in November 2000 and February 2001.

Norsk Rikskringkasting (NRK) is Norway’s state broadcaster.

Freeze-frame from the UFO video (NRK image)