Friday, 14 August 2009

UFO TV News Magazine Report: 
“UFO?” (Nine Network, Willoughby (Sydney), Australia)

This is a TV report regarding the analysis of an alleged UFO photograph presented by the TV show, A Current Affair on
10 August 2009:

And at the end of the report one can see an interview with an Australian astronomer, who says that we (presumably the whole world) don’t have any UFO evidence. So not one single UFO evidence exists, according to this astronomer.

But what about one UFO evidence presented by Colombian astronomer Alberto Quijano, Director of the Astronomical Observatory at the University of Narino?

UFO TV News Report (Noticias Caracol): “Extrano”
– Alberto Quijano’s UFO video:
(presented here on 11 June 2009)

Don’t astronomers around the world talk to each other?

UFO photographed
over Perth, Australia