Wednesday 14 January 2009

Google Earth UFO Landing Trace:
The Espevaer (Espevær), Norway, UFO Ring,
Early October 1975, Night-time

On a full moon evening in early October 1975 – many observers saw a shining object, which flew towards Espevær (island). Among them were several fishermen at sea and people on the island.

Statement by Øyvind Eiken, who researched the case: "Once at the end of the 1970s, I (Ø. Eiken) talked with the captain of the ship, M/T "Norskjell". They had written in the ship's log that they had observed a luminous object over Espevaer on that October evening." Crews on several other ships also saw the UFO and logged the sighting.

That night dogs barked hysterically and fuse boxes in several homes exploded! Several dog owners said their dogs had never earlier reacted like they did that evening.

Some mushroom pickers discovered the UFO ring on 7 October 1975.

The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Defence, who investigated the UFO landing trace case, couldn't find a plausible explanation for the UFO landing trace.

And, the University of Bergen sent several employees to the island, who performed a thorough on-site investigation and laboratory tests in Bergen. The university scientists were also unable to explain what it was that had landed on Espevær that evening; but the scientists found out that the weight of the UFO must have been circa 50-60 tons.

The UFO ring’s measurements:

Length: 26 metres.
Diameter: 14 metres (due to its oval shape).
Trace width: 40 centimetres.
Trace depth: 7 centimetres.

The Espevær UFO ring can be found at these coordinates: 59°35'42.50"N 5°8'51.40"E.

Espevær (island) is situated 17 kilometres north-west of Haugesund, on the west coast of Norway.

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