Wednesday, 1 December 2021

UFO Video Report:
“Blockbuster Conference about UAPs and Nukes
(for the 5th time) When will the lies stop?”

Published: 5 November 2021

Chris Lehto (YouTube channel)

Lieutenant Colonel Chris Lehto is a retired U.S. Air Force fighter pilot.

Video text:

“@Bob Salas has devoted the last 25 years to bring to light UAP evidence that he and other USAF officers witnessed first hand. And after 25 years of lying the US Air Force is dead quiet on the UFO/UAP subject. I was in the Air Force for 20+ years and the core values of Integrity First, Service before self, and excellence in all we do, were beaten in to me from day 1. Now I ask the same service that beat this into me along with millions of other people to adhere to its own core values. Imagine if the people currently in power actually practiced what they preached?”

Captain Robert L. Salas, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)