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UFO News Article:
“March 17, 1966: Ringwood Nun Spots UFO”

13 March 2011
(The Record, Woodland Park, New Jersey)


The whole article:
“ ‘Another UFO was reported in the area last week, and as a [Suburban Trends] reporter pointed out, it would have been difficult to find a more veracious observer,’ reads an editorial from March 17, 1966.

‘Mother Superior Veronica, Mount St. Francis Convent, Ringwood, reported seeing an object streak across the sky early last Thursday morning. It was ‘like a flying kite on fire,’ she said.

‘The object, reminiscent of Elijah’s flaming chariot (though the mother superior did not point this out), left ‘a red glow in its wake,’ the editorial said.

‘Mother Veronica said she later saw another, dimmer light over the cemetery, and another nun reported that same morning she saw a bright light over the Wanaque Reservoir, site of other recent 
‘sightings.’ ’

In light of the rash of UFO sightings, we said that maybe someone was trying to tell us something.

‘On the other hand, such activities did not seem to us all that unusual, what with St. Patrick’s Day upon us…’

The editorial then related a small Irish tale: ‘ ‘tell me,’ said a young man to an Irish crone many years ago. ‘Do you believe in wee people?’

‘ ‘Glory be to God no,’ answered the old woman. Then, in a confidential whisper, ‘But they’re there.’ ’ ”

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