Sunday, 9 February 2020

UFO News Article:
“Constable tells of chasing
mysterious UFO for 30 miles”

8 October 1973
(Hattiesburg American, Mississippi)


The whole article:
“Beat Two Constable Charlie Delk says he chased a UFO for 30 miles Sunday night [7 October 1973], lost it when his car mysteriously went dead, and caught up with the glowing object when his car started up again after a 15 minute wait. ‘I’m 45 years old and I’ve never seen anything like it,’ Delk said today. ‘It wasn’t any play toy.’

Delk was sent out to 127 Wilson Drive in Petal to investigate after local authorities had received numerous calls from scared residents af the area.

‘Those people of Wilson Drive were [mightily] disturbed,’ Delk said. ‘I figured they were seeing things. When I got there, I spotted it up over Petal High School. It looked like an old-timey top with yellow lights all the way around it.

‘I followed it up to the Jones-Forrest County line…four lights were flashing and it was making noise…then it went back north. I followed it five miles and it went toward the Tallahalla swamp. I was with it for three miles and got pretty close to it and then my car died.

‘It was just like someone had cut the motor off. In about 15 minutes, my car started up again like nothing was wrong. Jones and Forrest County sheriff’s deputies tried to contact me but everything was dead during that time.’

Delk said he continued to follow the UFO across Highway 29, through Ovett and past some kind of swamp. ‘Then it just did a double flip and disappeared from sight,’ he said.”

My comment:
This is a very interesting article.

1) The UFO apparently caused electromagnetic (EM) interference with the motor of the car and the car radio. Time and again people talk about how they experienced EM effects while they were in close proximity to a UFO.

2) The unknown object manoeuvred over a high school. UFOs are often sighted over schools/universities.

3) The UFO flew close to/over two swamp areas. UFOs have often been seen flying over/hovering over swamps.

Wikipedia article: “Petal, Mississippi”:

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