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UFO News Article:
“Brazilian air force pilot says
he chased after lighted UFOs”

25 May 1986
(Dallas Times Herald, Texas)

Source: AFU.se

The whole article:
“An air force pilot confirmed Friday he had chased UFOs he described as pulsating, colored balls of light over the skies of southeastern Brazil early last week and said they ‘couldn’t be anything now existing.’

Lt. Kleber Caldas Marinho, 25, said he pursued but could not catch the flying objects first sighted in the southeastern city of Sao Jose dos Campos on Monday night.

‘It was a pulsating light, red and white, mostly white,’ Marinho said at a press conference at air force headquarters in the capital.

‘It was not a star. It couldn’t have been another plane. It couldn’t be anything now existing,’ he said.

The pilot said his U.S.-made F- 5E fighter approached to within 12 miles of one of the objects, but had to turn back because he was running low on fuel.

Capt. Marcio Jordao, 29, another F-5E pilot, said he saw ‘a red light that didn’t vary, but evidently was moving. I got to within 25 miles but I couldn’t go any faster. Visibility was great. There were no clouds or other air traffic.’

The objects were picked up on radar screens in three states in southeastern Brazil, the air force said.

Col. Ozires Silva, president of the state oil company, Petrobras, was flying in a private plane near Sao Jose dos Campos and said he also saw the UFOs.

‘It wasn’t like any of the classical flying objects seen in the movies,’ Silva said in a televised interview. ‘It wasn’t in the form of a flying saucer or plate. Instead, what I saw were illuminated points.’

Air Force Minister Gen. Octavio Moreira Lima said the chase planes were sent up because the UFOs were ‘saturating radar and interfering with air traffic.’

TV Globo, the nation’s biggest commercial TV network, showed film taken by a cameraman in the southern city of Maringa showing a silvery pulsating light in the sky, larger than any star appears from Earth.

Col. Sidney Obino Azambuja, 51, chief of staff of the Brazilian Aerospace Defense Command, said, ‘The radar blips persisted. We had phenomena, and they were seen.’ ”

On 19 May 1986, the CINDACTA I radar centre (the Integrated Air Traffic Control and Air Defence Centre in Brasilia) tracked 21 UFOs over the states of Goias, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Parana.

When it comes to this case, we see that different sources give different information about how many fighter jets were ordered scrambled.

Portal Fenomenum’s report (which includes government documents) (fenomenum.com.br) on the case informs us that the Brazilian Air Force  sent up two F-5E Tiger II and two Dassault Mirage III  fighter jets to pursue thirteen UFOs. 

This UFO case is called the “Official Night of the UFOs.”

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Brigadier Octávio (not Otávio (fab.mil.br)) Júlio Moreira Lima,
former Brazilian Air Force Minister 
(photobucket.com photo)

Official roll-out of first USAF F-5E Tiger II (text by Wikipedia)
(wikimedia.org) (wikimedia.org photo)

Satellite photo of São José dos Campos, Brazil (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)