Tuesday, 23 August 2016

UFO News Article:
“Flying Objects Seem To Be Bobbing Up”

29 March 1966
(Lodi News-Sentinel, California)

The article reports on the many UFO incidents that were witnessed in the United States in March 1966.

Several of the UFO incidents were observed by police officers.

Quote from the article:
“Police officers in six North Carolina towns saw an object streak from east to west. Newton police officer Melvin Barlowe said it looked like ‘a big blue bolt of fire with fire arching off the edges.’

‘We don’t have anything around here that could catch it,’ he said. ‘No swamp gas or nothing like that could move that fast.’ ”

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NOTE: The newspaper date is 29 March 1966.

Satellite photo of Newton, North Carolina (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

UFO News Article:
“Librarian compiling curious references –
Strange events could fill a book, and will”

7 October 1979
(The Lawrence Daily Journal-World, Kansas)

The article reports on the research of George M. Eberhart, the official librarian (in 1979) for MUFON.

Most of the article deals with the UFO phenomenon and animal mutilations.


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Sunday, 21 August 2016

UFO Case Directory:
“Category 9: Radar Incident
Heavily-Witnessed Radar-Visual
Case Near Kansas City
Belton, MO
August 8, 1978”


The whole case report:
“This UFO is certainly an unusual, dynamic one, putting on a show over Belton, MO that could be seen in three neighboring suburbs south of Kansas City, with dozens of witnesses reporting it independently to law enforcement agencies and the local Air Force base. Thus, it is distinguished as the IUR case with the greatest number of witnesses. It also appears to have been seen briefly on radar. If this event was based on a hoax, it would be unprecedentedly elaborate.

Our thanks to Mary Castner for the pdg file which presents the IUR in its full glory.

Francis Ridge
NICAP Site Coordinator


Satellite photo of Belton, Missouri (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

UFO Website:
“1978 Elsberry Missouri UFO Flap”

Quote from the home page:
“The information, reports and pictures contained within this site are the copyrighted property of the Missouri Investigators Group and Barbara Becker. They may be used and reproduced with the proper attribution.”

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Elsberry, Missouri (elsberrycity.com)
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Google Searches:
Focus On the 1978 Elsberry, Missouri,
UFO Sightings and Cattle Mutilations

(Search term: 1978 Elsberry Missouri UFO) (All)

(1978 Elsberry Missouri UFO site:com) (All)

(1978 Elsberry Missouri UFO site:org) (All)

(1978 Elsberry Missouri Cattle Mutilations) (All)

(1978 Elsberry Missouri Cattle Mutilations site:com) (All)

(1978 Elsberry Missouri Cattle Mutilations site:org) (All)

(1978 Elsberry Missouri Cattle Mutilations site:net) (All)

Satellite photo of Elsberry, Missouri (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

Saturday, 20 August 2016

UFO Case Directory:
“Group/Category 10: Nuclear Connection
U.S.S. Curtiss Carrying Nuclear
Weapons Buzzed By UFO
April 7, 1954”


The whole case report:
Francis Ridge:
In 1998 I established the Nuclear Connection Project and this was one of over 200 incidents we discovered. It had been investigated by Robert Hastings and Dan Wilson. Many historical documents were located and some of the witnesses have been interrogated. Larry Hatch (NCP member) provided the printout:
Castle Series Nuclear Weapons Tests. pp 64+274+341 
c/o Daniel Wilson, 15 Parkview Dr., Painesville,OH  44077

In this incident an unidentified luminous object passed, low and fast, over the ship from bow to stern. The Curtiss (see photo) was not an aircraft carrier but a airplane tender ship (AV-4) refurbished for carrying components for nuclear weapons for the upcoming tests at Operation Castle, at Eniwetak Atol. There were six shots. The crews of the Bairoko, Estes, PC 1546, Phillip, and other ships at Operation Castle were caught in the heavy fallout of the runaway thermonuclear detonation of Bravo. These once secret documents prove an exposure to radiation far in excess of that allowed for other JTF 7 personnel.

From Table 60, operational activities during the CASTLE  test series, CASTLE SERIES, DNA 6035F, 1 April  1982. Page 341 is from the logbook of the USS  CURTISS, Shot KOON 7 Apr 1954.

‘Steamed independently in operating area BG 28-36-1.’
‘At 1138 anchored berth N-6, Bikini; at 1948 left berth en route to Enewetak at 2305 an unidentified luminous object passed over ship from bow to stern, yellowish-orange in color, traveling at a high rate of speed and a low altitude.’

Captain Edward Ruppelt:
Some people in the Pentagon had the idea that there were beings, earthly or otherwise, who might be interested in our activities in the Pacific, as they seemed to be in Operation Mainbrace. Consequently Project Blue Book had been directed to get transportation to the test area to set up a reporting net, brief people on how to report, and analyze their reports on the spot.

Francis Ridge:
If that’s not enough, there is even more reason to believe that the U.S. Government knew that UFOs might appear at Operation Castle in the spring of 1954. One 1004-page document attests to this on pages 555 and 556. from Ref. 1 below. CIRVIS reporting and JANAP 146 are mentioned. These are also mentioned in another document on Page 59 of 65 under Paragraph 3., Simulated Combat Training, in Ref. 2 below) and includes mention of AF Letter 200-5. Copies of those regulations are on the NICAP site: AF Letter 200-5 and JANAP 146.”

Wikipedia article: “USS Curtiss (AV-4)”:


U.S.S. Curtiss (AV-4), 1940 (wikimedia.org)
(wikimedia.org photo)

Google Website Searches:
Focus On NICAP.org’s Nuclear Connection Project

Website: National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP.org):

(Search term: Nuclear Connection Project)


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Friday, 19 August 2016

U.S. Government UFO Publication:

(National Archives and Records Administration, 
Washington, D.C.)

Source: Fold3.com, Lindon, Utah

The publication (“Publication Number: T1206”) was published in 1976.


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Thursday, 18 August 2016

UFO News Article:
“3 policemen confirm sighting
of flashing multicolored UFO”

6 August 1976
(The Morning Record, Meriden-Wallingford, Connecticut)

Quote from the article:
“The Carmel Police Department said Thursday that three police officers called to witness the sighting of an unidentified flying object over nearby Mahopac actually saw something that they couldn’t identify pulsing in the sky.

The object was spotted and reported Wednesday night by Robert Janowski, 14, of Carmel.

Officers Tom Budington, Kenneth Stern and Dennis Freyler were preparing a report on the multicoloured object for the Federal Aviation Administration, police said.”

Satellite photo of Carmel, New York (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

UFO News Article:
“View From The Top –
Riddle Of UFOs Still Beckoning”

14 May 1977
(The Pittsburgh Press, Pennsylvania)

The article reports on the 1977 American Astronomical Society (AAS) UFO Survey.

The survey was conducted by astrophysicist Peter A. Sturrock.

The article contains interviews with J. Allen Hynek, Ph.D. (professor of astronomy, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois), Phillip Morrison (institute professor of physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts) and Carl Sagan, Ph.D. (director, Laboratory for Planetary Studies, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York).

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The logo of the American Astronomical Society
(wikimedia.org image)

UFO News Article:
“Astronomers Pressing for
More Study of UFO Riddle"

4 May 1977
(The Lewiston Daily Sun, Lewiston-Auburn, Maine)

Quote from the article:
“A survey of trained sky watchers, all members of the American Astronomical Society (AAS), reveals that most of them feel UFOs (unidentified flying objects) deserve further scientific study.

Of 1,356 AAS members replying in a questionnaire from Prof. Peter A. Sturrock, an astrophysicist and member of Stanford’s Applied Physics Department, four-fifths feel that the UMO (read: UFO) mystery ‘certainly, probably or possibly deserves scientific study.’ Only 20 percent thought it was ‘probably not’ or ‘certainly not’ worth further investigation.

In 1975 Prof. Sturrock polled 2,611 astronomers with the consent of the AAS council, and received a 53 percent response. A principal conclusion from his recently published report of the results is that ‘scientists have thoughts and views but no answers concerning the UFO problem.’ ”


The article comes from The Christian Science Monitor News Service.

NOTE: The article contains a report on a 1974 Cloudcroft, New Mexico, UFO incident. 

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The logo of the American Astronomical Society
(wikimedia.org image)

Google Website Search:
Focus On UFO News Articles Mentioning
Astrophysicist Peter A. Sturrock

Website: Google News Archive (news.google.com/newspapers):

(Search term: UFO Peter Sturrock)

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Peter A. Sturrock (British citizen), Professor Emeritus of applied
physics at Stanford University, California & UFO Researcher
(gstatic.com photo)

Google Searches:
Focus On the 1977 American
Astronomical Society UFO Survey

The survey was conducted by astrophysicist Peter A. Sturrock.

(Search term: 1977 American Astronomical Society UFO Survey)

(1977 AAS UFO Survey)

Wikipedia article: “American Astronomical Society”:


Wikipedia article: “Peter A. Sturrock”:


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The logo of the American Astronomical Society
(wikimedia.org image)

Peter A. Sturrock (British citizen), Professor Emeritus of applied physics at Stanford University, California & UFO Researcher (gstatic.com photo)

Monday, 15 August 2016

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Focus On Books Mentioning
UFO Newspaper Articles

(Search term: “UFO Newspaper”)

(Flying Saucer Newspaper)

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UFO News Article:
“Doubts Rise as to Objectivity
Of ‘Flying Saucer’ Project”

1 May 1968
(Nashua Telegraph, New Hampshire)

Quote from the article:
“A final report of the scientists’ findings will be given to the National Academy of Sciences late in September. Condon, a physicist, said he would not discuss any conclusions that the researches might have reached.

Condon’s statement came amid controversy between him and Look Magazine over an article that calls the project the ‘Flying Saucer Fiasco.’

The university undertook a $500,000 study of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s) late in 1966 at the request of the Air Force, whose critics accused it of failing for two decades to make a comprehensive, scientific investigation of saucer reports from the public.

On the House floor Tuesday, Rep. J. Edward Roush, D-Ind., using phrases from the Look article, said Congress should take over the investigation from the Air Force. He said grave doubts had arisen ‘as to the scientific profundity and objectivity of the Colorado project.’

Elsewhere, the non-governmental National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) held a news conference here to announce that it had ‘broken with’ the Colorado project and to ‘reveal the firing of top project scientists and other incidents leading to the project’s failure.’

NICAP headquarters here has expressed strong scepticism about the project for months.

The Look article, in the May 14 issue, indicates that the two men who were dismissed and others on the staff felt that Condon and others directing the project took a negative attitude toward the possibility that flying saucers existed and were attempting to end up with a report containg such a ‘negative’ conclusion.”

Wikipedia article: “Condon Committee”:

(wikimedia.org image)

Sunday, 14 August 2016

UFO News Article:

26 February 1951
(The Times-News, Hendersonville, North Carolina)

The whole article:
“Dr. Anthony O. Marrachi (read: Mirarchi), former Air Force scientist, urged today that radar and spotter observation posts be set up to track down flying saucers ‘that may lead to another Pearl Harbor.’

Dr. Mirarchi, who investigated more than 300 reports of flying saucers as chief of the Air Force’s atmospheric composition bureau of the Geophysical Research Division in Watertown last year, brushed aside recent statements by Dr. Urner Liddell, a navy scientist.

He said Liddell’s conclusion that flying saucers really were plastic balloons sent into the upper atmosphere by the navy for radiation research ‘does not tell the whole story.’

‘The results of my own investigation,’ he said, ‘indicate that we cannot exclude the possibility that the so-called flying saucers is the result of experiments by a potential enemy of the United States.’

‘If they were launched by a foreign power, then they could lead to a worse Pearl Harbor than we have ever experienced,’ he said.

Dr. Mirarchi urged that a ‘considerable appropriation be granted the Air Force to set up photographic, radar and spotter tracking points to study the mysterious phenomena.’

He said he had issued a report to the Air Force on his findings last year, but did not know whether the inquiry had been continued.

‘The Navy’s report is erroneous. It lulls people into a false sense of security,’ he added.

Asked about an Air Force statement that more than 500 investigates were made without one bit of concrete evidence to back up reports of flying saucers, Dr. Mirarchi said, ‘I thought I was the only one making such an investigation. And as far as I’m concerned, there certainly was evidence to back up my conclusion.’ ”

NOTE: The newspaper date is 26 February 1951.

(wikimedia.org image)

UFO Book:
“Anatomy of a Phenomenon”

Source: Northern Ontario UFO Research & Study (noufors.com)

The book (published by Henry Regnery Co., Chicago, Illinois, in 1965) is written by Dr. Jacques F. Vallee.


(uncw.edu) (uncw.edu image)

Saturday, 13 August 2016

UFO Lecture:
“Robert Hastings – UFOs and Nukes –
Copenhagen, 8 June 2013”

(Exopolitics Denmark)


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Robert L. Hastings, U.S. UFO Author, Lecturer & Researcher
(ovnis-usa.com image)

UFO Video Interview:
“Navy Fighters Chase UFO Over
Hanford Atomic Plant in 1945”

Source: Frank Warren (YouTube channel)

Text in the video:
“2013 interview with former U.S. Navy fighter pilot Clarence ‘Bud’ Clem, who describes an attempted intercept of a UFO that maneuvered above the Hanford plutonium production plant, in January 1945.

In 2014seven months after the interview with Clemdeclassified U.S. Army documents were brought to Robert Hastings’ attention. They confirm that military radar had tracked an ‘unidentified aircraft’ maneuvering over the Hanford facility on three dates in January 1945. Clem’s military records state that his Hellcat F6F fighter squadron was at Naval Air Station Pasco from January 9 to February 15, 1945.”

Frank Warren runs The UFO Chronicles (theufochronicles.com).

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Satellite photo of Hanford, Washington (tageo.com)
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Friday, 12 August 2016

UFO News Articles:
“UFO was after us, says Perth woman”/
“The ‘visitors’ make a UFO expert’s day”

22 January 1988
(The Age, Melbourne, Australia)

The articles report on the Knowles family UFO encounter.

On 20 January 1988, at 5:30 a.m. (according to The Age and 
7 News), Faye Knowles and her sons, Patrick, Sean and Wayne, encountered a UFO while they were driving between Madura and Mundrabilla (the Nullarbor Plain, Western Australia).

“The ‘visitors’ make a UFO expert’s day” reports on the UFO research work of Colin Norris.

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Satellite photo of Mundrabilla, Australia (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)