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UFO News Article:
“Norway hunts mystery submarine”

24 November 1972
(Hamilton Journal News, Ohio)


The whole article:
“Spurred by a naval report of mysterious lights on a hillside along Norwegian Fjord, navy search craft renewed the hunt today for what some believe may be a foreign submarine trapped in the depths of the inlet.

Naval headquarters reported that a navy vessel sighted green and yellow lights along the southern arm of Sognefjord [Sognefjorden], scene of a 12-day-old search. Police were dispatched to investigate.

The Norwegian military command said Thursday that the submerged object in sonar contact Wednesday with a Royal Navy Frigate was not a submarine.

The command gave no other details.

The navy has not caught sight of the mystery object — believed by many to be a foreign submarine — for over 24 hours.

But local police at the Sognefjord in Western Norway reported seeing a dark object floating on the surface for seven minutes Thursday morning.

Before the command’s announcement, Defense Minister Johan Kleppe told Parliament the Navy believes there could be a foreign submarine operating in the Sognefjord.

At noon, a military spokesman told newsmen dozens of Navy vessels were combing the 100-mile fjord for a submarine believed to be equipped for operations far from its home base which could remain hidden for weeks, if necessary.

The spokesman said such a submarine would have to resurface from time to time to take in air because air was not generated when the ship lay on the [sea’s] floor with its engines off.

But he added that it took very little time to ‘breathe air’ and that such a vessel could easily carry out the operation unsighted in the sparsely populated Sognefjord.

Norwegian forces have been tracking the object for 11 days, but it has repeatedly slipped off radar and sonar screens. An anti-sub homing torpedo was fired at it Wednesday, but apparently without result.

In recent years, a number of unidentified submarines have been reported at various points along Norway’s rugged 1,600-mile coastline.

Last year, one reportedly intruded into the Hardangerfjord [Hardangerfjorden], a major Atlantic inlet on the west coast. It is said to have escaped by trailing close in the wake of an outward-bound sea-going ferry. Naval authorities at the time feared mortar attacks [would] endanger the ferry’s passengers.”

My comment:
In this article about the November 1972 Sognefjord, Norway, USO/UFO case – we see that the Norwegian military command officially admits that the unknown submerged object the command had sonar contact with was not a submarine.

On top of that – the Royal Norwegian Navy reported that Navy personnel had seen unknown green and yellow lights on a hillside along the fjord. To my knowledge – submarines do not fly over hillsides!

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